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My Digital Art Travel Bag

In my last post I talked about a traditional art travel kit, how I travel with gouache and my sketching tools. I love taking things with me everywhere I go, I love to have gobs and gobs of entertainment JUST in case I get stuck in a place for too long. So years ago I was searching for a bag and that I could use to tote around digital art supplies. The picture (below) is a little old, I have since upgraded my PC to a Surface Laptop Studio but for the most part this is my day to day carry for most extended outings. The bag is the Solo New York Duane Hybrid Convertible Laptop Briefcase. It has a decent size pocket in the front that fits my tech organizer like a glove and has two pen holders that hold a real pen and my Xppen stylus for the tiny tablet I carry.

the smaller front pocket holds my shortcut remote and an external hard drive as well as a glove or two and my keys. The main compartment is split in two the back side is padded and the middle divider has a pocket which is the perfect spot for my tiny tablet and kindle while still having room for my Cocoon Grid-It cable organizer.

The best part about this bag other than all the pockets and places to put stuff is the fact that it switches between messenger bag and backpack with ease AND the back pack straps hide away without adding too much bulk. On any given day I am usually toting around my Surface Book or my Surface Studio Laptop, a tech organizer filled with various items like my Surface Slim Mouse, Surface Slim pens and charger, external HD's and so on. I also have my ear buds, the XPPen Deco Mini and the XPPen Remote. At one point I was carrying the Surface Book and the Surface Pro X. Over all this bag is perfect for my digital art setup on the go! I've been using it over 2 years now and it still looks fairly new. I loved it so much I bought the mini version as well :)

NOTE: The organizer I use for all my little bits and bobs was from walmart (see top left of pic) but a lot of things similar can be found on amazon. I hate a floppy bag so all of my cases and the bag itself hold their shape or are hard shell.

Hit me up if you would like to know more or want to see an updated "what's in my bag"

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