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Welcome Artists! An Intro and a list for learners!

First off HELLO! Welcome to I'm Holly! I'm a part time artist full time dog mom. I've got two adorable puppers named Ollie and Moose. I am currently the lead character artist for Roll the Dame Dice an Actual Play D&D campaign that streams on Twitch and YouTube. I have an obsession with TTRPG's, comics, and animated movies and shows. I ADORE fantasy and anything witchy.

From a young age I was fascinated with art, I adored animated shows and movies and was a huge comic book fan. I would thumb through the pages of comic books for hours often skipping the reading part and just staring at the artwork. I would go to conventions and browse the artist alley for hours talking to artists and creators.

As I entered middle school and high school my interest in learning to draw waned, I never “took it seriously” and realized I was no where near where I wanted to be skill wise and my art teachers weren’t interested in the students that weren’t top of the class. So I stopped

drawing. I would doodle and goof around here and there but never took it to the next level.

About three years ago I started playing D&D again and I was asked to create a character for a game. So I did I gave her a back story and drew a picture of she and her brother. To say it was not my best work to date would be an understatement but it had been ages since I had drawn. Well I love playing the character but the game ended before it really began. I started tweaking her story and background and started creating a world around her. Eventually I redrew Val and her brother Ven. Not long after though I was asked to DM, so I created a cast of characters and these characters eventually found themselves in Val’s story.

I took a hiatus from art again and about a year or 2 later as I started building the story around her I took another try but this time I used references. I took my time. I started really looking at styles I loved and how I could incorporate them. It was a weird transition. Something clicked. Since then I have been building my story, designing my characters and working my butt off to learn more about art.

Long story short I wanted to put together a list of things I used to step up my game in a short time. This isn’t something that will work for everyone but at least a list of resources that artists can pick and choose from. I’m still learning but I can see improvement with every piece.

TLDR: Here's the Magic! (Links in Title)

For Anatomy!

Anatomy for Sculptors!

A great book for learning anatomy with pages and pages of references!

Anatomy of the Facial Expression

A great book for facial construction and how muscles effect expressions also, references!

Morpho Books! Feet , Muscles , Simplified Forms and many more!

I love all of the Morpho books they are small and easy to travel with and full of references and info!

Strength Training Anatomy

Wanna know how muscles work? This is a great reference book for how muscles move, great reference and over draws.

Anatomy for the Artist

Also a great book for reference but more importantly application!

Andrew Loomis! , More!

A staple for any artist!

For Non-Anatomy topics:

James Gurney Color and Light & Imaginative Realism

Every artist must read these are wonderful! I am making my way through them slowly but great information!

Framed Ink - For Composition

A great book for artists looking to learn more about composition in and out of the comic page!

These of course are just a few amazing books there are plenty more I will cover in a later post but if nothing else I hope this is a great starting point for artists that need some help!

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