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Becoming an artist?

I started drawing at a young age like most folks. I would draw sea life, disney movie covers and characters and the likes. As I got older I started drawing Batman, Spider-man, comic book characters and reading Wizard magazine to practice more "realistic" anatomy. I followed artists like Jim Lee and Michael Turner. As I got even older I started to draw less. When I would draw I would take the easy way out. Only draw the things I was comfortable with.

When I started working I stopped drawing, well I mean I would doodle here and there but never would I finish a piece. I stopped trying even more so than before. So for years I haven't really drawn or continued to learn.

A few months ago I picked up a new sketchbook and some new pencils and water colors. I started using procreate and looking at anatomy books again. I have followed artist after artist on social media for inspiration.

This starts my journey to become and artist a true artist someone who looks at their artwork and can see where the mistakes are. Where the errors in anatomy are. Wish me luck!!

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