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An Old Friend

Completed my first ever digital "landscape"!! It's not a sprawling fantasy landscape that goes for miles BUT it's my little oasis. The whole thing took me about 14ish hours, and it was a really good learning experience. Thinking outside the box, out of my usual realm of thinking WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. There is a sword in the center of the little clearing in the forest. I sent the image to a friend and he came up with a wonderful story to go along with the image (image can be found on the Digital Art Page)

By: Magnoth

It's two fold. The story of a knight, meant for more but born too early, I think. Somehow he knew, and knew he'd live, and be born again, but whatsoever you do when you're meant for one thing and one thing only? You practice. A battle? A fight? To protect someone, someones?

His armor the first time, ritual gold and spotless, no one would bring a blade to him, and he causes peace wherever he goes.

Not because he inspires kindness, but because no one is willing to hurt him. He ages, and knows one day he will be born again, and he will need his trusted friend. He hides it in the woods, somewhere he thinks no one will find it. He finds an old watchtower. The door gone. And a slot between the stones, and places it there.

Ages later, children find it, as children are wont to do with secret, and hidden things. They call it Soulrender. They call it the monster slayer. They call it the sword with more names than there have been sunrises. They never touch it though. Just being near it they can feel the weight it holds. It has it's own gravity. They whisper though, of the knight who left it, of the man who abandoned his purpose. They guess and tell stories and play games around this sword and this watchtower. All while the knight's old friend waits.

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